Sabina von Arx

Zürich | London | Cannes

The Cigar World, Cosima Aichholzer,  Sir David Tang

Which was your first cigar?

What is the best thing about cigar smoking for you?
The relaxation.


What is your favorite cigar?
I like to try new cigars and, depending on my mood, smoke tobacco from Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. I don’t drink the same wine every day either. Just last week I tried a Brun del Ré from Costa Rica. That was fascinating.

What time of the day do you enjoy your cigars the most?
Evening, after dinner.

Do you have a special cigar for unique moments?

How do you light your cigars?
With a beautiful classic S.T. Dupont.

Which are your favorite cigar lounges?
The Lanesborough Hotel and Annabel's Club in London and the beautiful lounges of  Sir David Tang in Hong Kong.

Your favorite cigar shops?
JJ Fox, London; Zechbauer, Munich; Beirut Airport Duty Free.

With which famous cigar-smoking personality would you like to smoke a cigar and what would you talk about?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, about his experiences in Hollywood.

Where do you keep your cigars?
In a Davidoff humidor.

You enjoy your cigars with a glass of …
Gin tonic or whisky.

What is your opinion of the international smoking ban in public places and all the legal restrictions?
Live and let live and more cigar lounges!

How would you describe your perfect evening? A great cigar, a good drink and ...
… an interesting and entertaining conversation with a cultured, handsome macho man.

How much money did you spend on your most expensive cigar?
No comment.

How would you describe your passion for cigar smoking to a non-smoker?
Total relaxation, because you're taking time out. Everything feels like it's in slow motion and invites to philosophize.

Women and cigars?