Sir David Tang

London | Hong Kong

The Cigar World, Cosima Aichholzer,  Sir David Tang

When did it all start? At what age did you start smoking?
   It started on the day I got into university. In celebration, my father took me out to dinner and gave me my first cigar. He was also a cigar smoker. I was 19.

What was your first cigar?
   It was a Romeo & Juliet Churchill, a very fat cigar.

How would you describe the pleasure of smoking cigars?
It is something which I have come to feel I need to have after a repast.

Which is your favorite cigar?
My favourite cigar is the Punch Double Corona.

How many cigars do you smoke?
One or two a day, but I wish I could smoke more.

At what time of day do you enjoy your cigars the most?
   The most enjoyable cigar is the one after a cooked breakfast.

What are your favorite cigars for special events?
I still only smoke Punch Double Coronas.

How do you light your cigars? Do you have a special lighter?
I don’t care where the fire comes from.

Your favourite five cigar lounges/hotels worldwide?
   I love my own cigar divans in Hong Kong. I don’t like any other cigar divans I have been to. The courtyard at the Hertford Club in London is marvellous for enjoying a cigar.

Your favorite cigar members clubs worldwide?
I don’t belong to any cigar clubs, except my own.

Your favorite five cigar shops worldwide?
   I dislike all the cigar shops I’ve ever visited because they expose the cigars too much. For me, they must be kept in the box. If there is one cigar shop I like, it's the one at the old Partagas Factory in Havana.  

With which personalities would you like to smoke a cigar?
  Other people who smoke cigars.

Is there a special ‘cigar moment’ in your life you would like to share with us?
   Every moment I smoke the cigar - after breakfast, at the first drive of a shoot ...

Where do you keep your cigars?
   In a big plexiglass humidor.

You enjoy your cigars with a glass of …?
   A glass of claret and a double espresso.

How would you describe your passion for smoking to a non-smoker?
   I don’t bother.

How much money did you spend on your most expensive cigar?
   It’s vulgar to ask.

Is there a cigar you would love to try which you haven’t smoked yet?
   Anything which is over 30 years old.

The most beautiful humidor?
   I have never found a humidor that I would describe as beautiful.

Who has to be featured in a cigar book? Which unique cigar personality worldwide?
   Bill Clinton.

Cigars and women?
They don’t fit together.

Regarding the Asian cigar world from you point of view?
   What has to be in the book to cover the Asian cigar world? Everybody comes to my cigar divans from all over Asia.

Do you think we should also print the book in Mandarin? Would there be enough demand for it? It will be published in English, German, Spanish and maybe French.
   Absolutely no idea.