Davidoff London

The Cigar World, Cosima Aichholzer, EDWARD SAHAKIAN

When did it all start? At what age did you start smoking?

I was 16 years old when I bought my first pipe and at the age of 24 I smoked my first cigar,

which was a Partagas Corona.

How would you describe the pleasure of smoking cigars?
  The most relaxing exercise and a great pleasure.
Which are your favorite cigars?
    My first love of a cigar was the Davidoff No.2 and the Ambassadrice and, some years later, the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona.     

At what time of day do you enjoy your cigars the most?
   After my first coffee in the morning and after my dinner in the evening - and all hours inbetween.

How do you light your cigars? Do you have a special lighter?
  I use wooden matches or a simple Bic lighter.


Your favorite cigar lounges/hotels worldwide?
 It has to be the Edward Sahakian shop and sampling lounge at the Bulgari Hotel in London.

Your favorite cigar shops worldwide?
The Davidoff cigar shop in Geneva, where I bought my first box of cigars

and was served by no other than the man himself - Zino Davidoff.

With which personality would you like to smoke a cigar?
Groucho Marx.

Where do you keep your cigars?
In several humidors and some in their original boxes in my smoking room at home.

You enjoy your cigars with a glass of … ?
Port, rum or grappa.

How would you describe your passion for smoking to a non-smoker?
Pure pleasure and relaxation. 

Who has to be featured in a cigar book? Which unique cigar personality worldwide?
Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cigars and women?
Every lady should enjoy a cigar but NOT cigarettes.

What are the most special/exclusive/rare cigars you offer at your shop?
Davidoff cigars from the 1980s.

If you hadn't opened your wonderful Davidoff Shop in London,

what else would you have enjoyed doing? Which profession?
Freelance photographer.

Is there anything you wish for the future of cigar smoking? For the cigar world?
To continue to have our own smoking lounges to enjoy cigars.