Ralf Moeller

Los Angeles

What was your first cigar?
A Montecristo 2 that I received from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What is the best thing about cigar smoking for you?
I enjoy it and love to smoke with friends, often after dinner. You cannot smoke a cigar when you are stressed, you have to be at peace with yourself and feel comfortable.

What cigars do you smoke and how many?
I smoke 4 to 5 a week - mainly Cuban: Montecristo 4, Partagas D4, Cohiba.

What time of the day do you enjoy a cigar?
Sometimes I smoke during shooting breaks. When we were filming Gladiator, I enjoyed a few cigars with Ridley Scott.

How do you light your cigars?
Unfortunately, I don't always use a cedar spill. Most of the time, I just use a lighter.

What are your favorite Cigar Lounges?
Grand Havana Room in LA, Muhammet Genc/Selected Cigars in Düsseldorf,
Stanglwirt Kitzbühel and Hyatt Hotel in Vienna.

What are your favorite Cigar Shops worldwide?
Selected Cigars in Düsseldorf. However, I'm very lucky; most of the time I receive my cigars
from Arnold.

With which famous cigar personalities would you love to smoke a cigar with?
Arnold, Boris Becker, Francis Ford Coppola. That would make an interesting group!

Where do you keep your cigars?
In a locker at the Grand Havana Room, LA.

What is your favorite drink with a cigar?
A good glass of red wine or a glass of Ron Zacapa.

What is your opinion on the international smoking ban in public places and all the legal restictions?
I can understand that cigars should not be smoked while people are eating but, after 11pm, it should be allowed in bars and, of course, also outside!

What makes a perfect evening for you? A good cigar, a good drink and …
Nice company.

How would you describe the passion of cigar smoking to a non-smoker?
I wouldn't. To each his own. For me, it's like drinking a good glass of wine. I smoke when I feel like it. It comes naturally.

Women and cigars?
It can have an amazing effect when a woman enjoys a cigar.

But nowadays, in times of equality, it's not a big deal!