Gaudenz Graf von TrapP

Schloß Friedberg - Tirol

What was the first cigar you smoked?
My father's cigar, called an 'Arlberg Cigar'.

What is the best thing about smoking cigars for you?
The atmosphere.

What are your favorite cigars and how many do you smoke?
Davidoff or Montecristo. One per day.

At what time of the day do you most enjoy your cigars?
After lunch and dinner.

Any favorite cigars for special moments?

Davidoff 2000.

How do you light your cigars?
With cigar matches.

Which are your favorite Cigar Lounges?
La Floridita in Havana, Park Hyatt in Vienne, Grand Havana Room in NY, Tao's in Zürich, Interalpenhotel in Telfs/Tirol, Loulou's in London.

The best places to smoke?
Peru,  Friedberg.

Top Cigar Shops?
Davidoff, Zechbauer Munich, Arco Innsbruck, La Casa del Habano Luxembourg.

With whom would you like to smoke a cigar?
 Arnold Schwazenegger.

Your favorite drink to accompany a cigar?
Whisky Sour.

What is your opinion on the international smoking ban in public places?
The ban on smoking in public places is fine; smoking should be allowed in bars.

What makes a perfect evening for you? A good drink, a great cigar and ...
Interesting personalities.

How much money did you spend on you most expensive cigar?
200€  .

Women and cigars?
Very cool.

What or who has to be featured in a cigar book?
The wisdom of cigar smokers.

Your humidor is?
Elie Bleu.

What would be the perfect cigar for you?
Be patient - there will soon be a von Trapp cigar.