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The Cigar World, Cosima Aichholzer

What was your first cigar?
It was a typical Austrian cigar, a Großglockner. I was 14 and I stole it from my father's study.

Why do you like smoking cigars?
It is about taking time for myself. For me, smoking a cigar is a form of meditation. You calm yourself down for at least one hour and find an inner peace.

Your favorite cigars?
This changes all the time. I love Cuban cigars - Bolivar and Partagas D 4 - but lately
I'm also falling in love with cigars from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Amazing cigars! I am getting more and more curious ...

Do you have a cigar for a special moment?
I am keeping a very rare cigar - a Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve - but I haven't yet had the special moment to enjoy it.

How do you light your cigar?
S.T. Dupont - what else?

Your favorite Cigar Lounges?
Hyatt Vienna, Keminski Vienna, Hotel Interalpen Tirol, Burn Florida, Red Chamber Cigar Divan Hong Kong - all beautifully stylish! And the amazing lounge at Beirut airport.

Your favorite place to smoke your cigar?
The 'Red Bar' in my house in Austria. At a time when it's more and more difficult to find nice places to smoke, I have created my own cigar lounge bar. The room is a copy of the Danieli in Venice. It is a lovely room, but the downside is that my guests are never keen to leave!

Your favorite Cigar Shops?
In Vienna, of course, Mohilla. The Emperor used to buy his cigars here and by its fire - the so-called eternal light - Sigmund Freud lit his cigar. Outside Austria: Nat Sherman NY, JJ Fox London, Zechbauer Munich and the beautiful shops/lounges of Sir David Tang in Hong Kong.

With which cigar personality would you most like to smoke a cigar?
Every cigar smoker has a unique personality and is interesting to talk to.

With which drink do you accompany your cigar?
I am Austrian. I love wine

The most beautiful humidor?
I have an old Davidoff Humidor

How much money did you spend on your most expensive cigar?
Please don't ask - I've just had a tax assessment.