Enno Freiherr von Ruffin

Gut Basthorst

The Cigar World, Cosima Aichholzer

What was your first cigar?
I think it was the good old German 'Bruns'. I was 9 years old and received it from our tax advisor, who smoked it regularly.

What's the best part about smoking cigars?
Not inhaling.

What is your favorite cigar?
Montecristo. I smoke one per day.

At what time of the day do you enjoy a cigar the most?
In the evening.

Do you have a special cigar for extraordinary moments in your life?
Montecristo Nr. 5.

How do you light your cigars?
With extra long matches.

Which are the places, cigar lounges where you enjoy your cigars the most?
My home, Gut Basthorst (an idyllic polo farm in the north of Germany), Hotel 4 Seasons Hamburg and Hotel Öschberghof.

Your personal favorite place to enjoy a cigar?
At home and on my hunt grounds.

If you could smoke with any famous cigar smoker, who would it be? What would you talk about?
Winston Churchill. How he could have avoided going to war.

With what drink do you accompany your cigar?
Red wine.

What do you think about all the new international smoking laws/restrictions?
I think it should be allowed to smoke in bars.

What is a perfect evening for you? A good cigar, a glass of red wine and …

What is the most you have paid for a cigar?
In the event of an emergency.

How would you describe your passion for cigar smoking to a non-smoker?
I would not.

What do you think about women and cigars?

The most beautiful humidor?

Cigars and polo?
A perfect match.