Boris becker


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How did it all start? Did anyone in your family smoke cigars?
I'll begin by saying that I didn't smoke cigars during my tennis career. My father was a cigar aficionado.

What was your first cigar?
A Cohiba - a cigar has something to do with style.

What is the best thing about cigar smoking for you?
That I can rest, be contemplative and do some good planning.

What cigars do you smoke and how many?
My favorite cigar is the Behike 54 and I also find great pleasure in smoking the Davidoff Mini Gold.

What time of the day do you enjoy your cigars the most?
Best after the work - early evening around 6/7 pm.

Do you have a favorite cigar for special events?
A special Partagas.

What would be your dream cigar? How would it look, this Boris Becker cigar?
A mini Behike 54 would be the cigar of my dreams.

What are your favorite Cigar Lounges?
5 Hertford Street London and Annabel's London.

Your favorite place worldwide to smoke a cigar?
My smoking room at home.

Your favorite cigar shops worldwide?
JJ Fox London, Sautter London, Davidoff Shops worldwide, Zürich airport.

With which famous personality would you like to smoke a cigar?
I've already smoked a cigar with Michael Jordan; he also smoked while playing golf. It's time to smoke a cigar with Arnie.

With which drink do you accompany your cigar?
With a good glass of whisky.

What is your opinion on the international smoking ban in public places and all the legal restrictions?
We are adults and should be able to decide for ourselves what we can do!

Do you enjoy smoking together with your wife?
Yes, she smokes cigarettes. It has to be like this - it's only possible to enjoy smoking together when you both enjoy the smell.

What makes a perfect evening for you? A good cigar, a good drink and …
My wife.

How would you explain the passion of cigar smoking to a non smoker?
You find your inner peace.

What do you think about women and cigars?
This can be very sexy, but it has to match the woman who smokes.